About us

The Postal Authority is the supervisory body of those who have gained concession according to the Postal legislation. The only one with concession to the postal service is Posta. The concession maintains conditions and duties for postal transport, and that service is provided all around the country, the fixing of prices, divided accounting, complaints etc.

In the law of postal activities, the term “postal activity” has effectually increased in relation to the previous legislation, which only concerned the official Faroese Postal Office. The new law also concerns private traders, and it is appointed that these private traders must be registered with the Postal Authority.

The reason for the registration duty of postal traders is among other things, that there in the constitution is stated about postal confidentiality, which means that the post must not be opened by unauthorized persons.

The Postal Authority is the consultant of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the central administration and for other relations concerning the postal service. Other assignments are complaints, research and participation in Nordic, European and international relations.